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Motorcycle Oil Products

Scooter Hire™ has the official scooter oil products distribution in Australia ready to support all your lubricant needs. This network provides high quality motorcycle and scooter lubricants, which have gain well deserved popularity among our customers.

For all motorcycle and scooter motor oils, See our motorcycle oils and lubricants product page.

Scooter Hire™ is a distributor of bike oils and lubricants to Australia since 2001. We supply a full range of 4T motorcycle, 2T, petrol engine oils. fork, gear and kart oils as well antifreeze, brake fluids and greases.

All our products come with money-back guarantee.

Scooter Hire™ has the expertise to guide our clients to the best products for their two and four wheel machines. No matter what machine you own you can be sure that we will delivery the highest quality products every time from motor street touring to race track performance Scooter Hire™ has the right lubricant for your ride!

All our products a purchased from authorised distributors of motor lubricants industries worldwide.

Scooter Hire™ sells the official products. Our distribution is ready to support all your lubricant needs. This network provides high quality lubricants and services, which have gain well deserved popularity among our customers.

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